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Winstapost was founded by Abraham Georges, who also started and currently runs Designers Bookshop. Winstapost is where he offers select clients help with different types of work as a freelancer along with his assistant Joyce. With a strong background in design and technology with understanding of systemization and a passion for problem-solving, Abraham is offering his help to businesses looking for growth and ideas.

He began his journey with graphic design at the age of 14, as a hobby. He has 2 bachelors’ in graphic design from the Swedish schools BrobyGrafiska and Berghs School of Communication (where he also teaches). While being a student in Berghs he started a software company called Designers Bookshop, to offer designers an easier way to create professional layouts. Some of his clients are Adidas, ELLE Magazine, HBO Nordic, Oriflame and others.

  • 01. Meeting and discussion

    I will begin by discussing with you, to understand what you want to accomplish. Based on that, we will either move forward or not.

  • 02. Create and Test

    Once we have agreed I will get to work and follow-up with you by showing you sketches or sharing ideas as the project goes along.

  • 03. Finalization

    Once the project is finished I can help you to roll it out. All this will be discussed as the project moves along.

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“With my extensive knowledge I am offering various services that you normally would have to hire different companies for. If there is something specific, I can't do, I will find the right person. After more than a decade of hiring different people, I know how to separate the amateurs from the experts.”

Let's make your business grow

How can I help you?

Whether you need help with polishing your Instagram profile to get more followers and figuring out what approach is going to work for your business, or if you need help with consultation in the area of graphic design (I have over 20 years of experience) and IT, then I can help you with that. My experience is wide in many areas.

Is your business using Office 365 and need someone to help you get started? Would you like to learn how to use Microsoft Teams and document collaboration to take your business to the next level?

Maybe you just need help from a Virtual Assistant (whether it be social media management or anything else) and don't want to hire someone locally but would rather outsource it (and save a lot of money). That is something that Winstapost could offer a few clients. Whatever your business needs are, don't hesitate to contact us.

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What differentiates me from others is that I understand the entire cycle from idea to delivery. Ideas will be part of a larger single idea that we will move towards.

Graphic Design

Refresh your brand and design

  • Branding
  • Ideas to improve design
  • Print and digital design
  • Professional InDesign layouts

Business Consulting

Strategy and systemization

  • Business and marketing strategy
  • Find talented developer
  • Ideas to improve business
  • Provide virtual assistant

Office 365 and IT-Solutions

Take your productivity to the next level

  • Ideas to improve IT
  • Teams and document collaboration
  • Office 365 apps (desktop and online)
  • SEO
“The best solutions comes from personal experience and understanding the client. I will personally discuss with you how we can achieve the goal you want to reach. Looking forward hearing from you.”
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